PMF Ventures Limited is a face to face marketing company who have experience executing and delivering on campaigns in Energy, Telecommunications, Charities & Home Deliveries.

Our aim is to help our client’s customers save money with a hassle free and transparent switching service.


PMF Ventures was established in 2019 by Senior Directors within the industry, we have a wealth of experience in relationship marketing and one-to-one sales.

Our Company Objective is to make our client the Number One provider in the market that means in order to achieve this feat we invest heavily in training, development and remuneration of our staff as well as treating our domestic customers fairly and honestly throughout the switching process.

At PMF Ventures, We aim to give our client’s customers the most cost-effective solution (fit for purpose), allowing them to save money with a hassle free and transparent switching service.

Our Story

PMF Ventures is the fastest growing face to face sales company in Ireland.

Our business is built on trust, accountability, experience and commitment to our customers and employees. Our passion is about developing our people to perform at the highest level which in turn leads to long lasting relationships with our client.

PMF Ventures is all about improving sales volume, exceeding expectations and growing our clients market share.

Although we may appear like a new company, we have over 70 years experience within the Irish Utility Market. Our experience and game changing employees have led to us winning the Iberdrola Energy Domestic Contract!


To acquire new residential Electricity & Gas customers for Iberdrola Energy within the Irish market.

To capture tactical information from all customers in a compliant and safe way which is then submitted to Iberdrola Energy to support the enhancement of customer product and service propositions.

To ensure customer orders are processed in a timely manner through our excellent sales support function.


To built a field sales team of 100 full time sales professionals throughout Ireland.

The sales team is supported by Sales Managers, Performance Managers and Sales Leaders.

Utilising state of the art technology with a sales management application which has in built compliance and control as central features of the sales process.

Specialist support and training is provided by industry experts within the Irish utility market.

PMF Ventures successfully manage all HR, recruitment and staff management while driving performance and compliance on behalf of our client.


PMF Ventures are extremely proud to work with one of the largest Energy companies in the world.

Our client is one of the largest energy companies in the world. It operates in 30 countries, and supplies energy to over 100 million people – that’s the equivalent of the population of Ireland, Britain, Netherlands and Belgium. Put another way – it’s 30 times the size of the ESB!

Our client is expanding into Portugal, Italy, France and Ireland.

Our client is a global leader in renewable energy, and the top renewable energy producer in Europe. It has invested over $100 billion in renewal energy, networks & storage, and it plans to invest a further €13 billion between 2018-2022 within Europe & IRELAND!

Our client supports 400,000 jobs, and is recognised as one of the 135 most ethical companies in the world – for the 7th consecutive year.

Supply energy to over 100 million people

One of the largest energy companies in the world, with over 170 years of experience. Employ 34,000 people across 30 countries, and support 400,000 jobs globally.

The top renewable energy producer in Europe

Building a sustainable future for everyone, and proud to be a world leader in renewable energy.  Investing €13 billion in renewable energy and storage.

One of the worlds most ethical companies

Truly committed to the maximum levels of transparency, diversity & inclusion. For the seventh consecutive year, have been selected as one of the 135 most ethical companies in the world.


Electricity & gas distributor in New York, Maine, Connecticut & Massachusetts, through 8 regulated companies. 3rd largest wind energy producer.


1st private electricity producer.


One of Brazil’s energy leaders.


100% renewable production. Transmission & distribution networks in Scotland, Wales & England.


1st energy company. 1st producer of wind energy.

PMF Ventures Limited

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